Sour Sea Bass Soup [Healthy Chinese Recipe]

January 1, 2016

Sour Sea Bass Soup



This dish combines the cooking methods of Thailand and Fuzhou (Provincial Capital of Fujian, China). It is a great sidedish for your main course, and can replace cold beverage especially during the winter.



Pro: This soup is balanced in yin (fish) and yang (pepper, ginger). Therefore, it is suitable for anyone who would like to get benefits from the fish without worrying about stomach ache. 


Con: as peppers and gingers contain 'Fire', this soup should not be consumed when you catch a cold or any similar diseases.





Boneless Sea Bass filet x2;

Fresh Basil 5-10g;

Green Pepper (Medium Hot) x0.5;

Ginger, 2 square metres slices x3.

Japanese Miren Vinegar, 2 teaspoons;

Olive Oil, 5 teaspoons.





Step 1: Put sea bass filet on the board (or a large plate) with the skin side downwards; dry the meat surface with kitchen paper, and spread a thin layer of salt on the meat. Allow for 5 minutes before use.
















Step 2: Pick and wash basil, preferably very fresh. Dry them afterwards.

















Step 3: Chop pepper cross-sectionally; carefully chop ginger slices into small rectangular pieces.










Step 4: Heat the wok and wait until it get 60% hot. Put 5 teaspoons of oil and wait for 20 seconds.



Step 5: Carefully put pepper and ginger into the wok. Stir quickly to avoid overcooking. 








Step 6: Once you can smell the ingredients, carefully place sea bass filets (skin side downwards) onto the wok. Wait until the edge of the top surface turn white.


Step 7: Immediately pour warm water into the wok so that everything is immersed. (Warning: Do NOT use boiling water!)


Step 8: Once the soup boils, place basil and put 2 teaspoons of vinegar into the soup, stir gently.


Step 9: Cook for three more minutes.






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