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'Forgotten Voices' Project, TimeArt Academy

A composition project to rethink contemporary music by exploring different traditions and building up international collaboration.

This is a composition project organised by TimeArt Studio (Taiwan). I was one of the 6 selected composers. The composition created during this process — under the Sun... (2022) — was premiered at Tunghai University in September, 2022.

Programme Note:

under the Sun…

All my memories of the village where my grandparents live are cast with bright golden sunshine. The day seems to be always sunny, which works perfectly with the village's quietness. Under the sun, there is no sound. And when the silence has to be broken, the village turns to its old, muffled instrument: the struggling farm trucks, hungry dogs in the backyards, the birds, firecrackers, and the Minnanese operatic music from an elder’s radio… Under the Sun, there is no new sound.


Jerry Yue Zhuo © 2022 






卓越 © 2022

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