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Door Gods (2018)

for two percussionists

In Chinese religions, the door gods protect the doors and gates. People believe that the two gods help to deter evil spirits and welcome luck and wealth to their families. In this piece, I bring the door gods alive and depict their daily circumstances. Environmental sounds and the gods’ speaking are presented together with no deliberate suggestions of meanings. The only exceptions are lai and chyu, which mean ‘come’ and ‘go,’ the magical spells that the two gods keep chanting.


With this composition, I explore the possibility of using unspecified Sprechstimme and percussive sounds to frame a specified context. Improvisation is another major element, which is presented by two 'Games' played by the gods: one is called imitation, and the other called the louder one wins.





Door Gods 2nd Perf.JPG

Performed by Jerry Yue Zhuo & David Vellacott
During Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration Concert
Concert Hall, Cardiff University School of Music | 15 Oct 2018

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